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Key Components of Services:

  • Launch leadership
  • Production and Team Leaders for every project
  • Project Audits on Completed Work
  • Data Collection and Pareto Charting
  • Guarantees on work

How does using AccuServe compare with what I’m doing now, and with Competitors’ offerings?
Projects outside your core competencies can only be managed in one of three ways:

  • Do it yourself: This option strains resources company-wide. It requires the most intense planning, staffing, supervision, and management, while draining resources from primary objectives.
  • Hire Temporary Workers: This common fix introduces issues beyond the elements of the project – arranging for temporary workers, greeting the team, training and supervising the team’s outputs, and monitoring the team’s performance. Frequently, team members change and it is your responsibility to retrain new temporary workers.
  • Outsource the projects to AccuServe: AccuServe does not employ temporary workers. AccuServe associates have conducted dozens, if not hundreds, of light assembly, quality inspection, and fulfillment projects, all under our process, quality, and ISO procedures and controls. Every project team includes a team leader from launch to fulfillment with regularly scheduled associates whom you will come to recognize. These features result in lower cost fulfillment, less supervision on your part, and faster turn around on projects.

How Do these Services Work Exactly?

  • Project details and requirements are captured in launch meetings.
  • Determinations regarding techniques, work station setup, logistics and material handling, and final pack requirements are worked through and signed off by the customer.
  • AccuServe Leadership is assigned as primary contact with the customer while AccuServe accepts responsibility for project leadership, work instructions, and training.

What part(s) of my job/current effort do the services take over for me?

  • Project oversight
  • Fine tuned work instructions and techniques
  • Training
  • Project leadership
  • Data collection

How do the services make my job/life easier?
Consistent project management by AccuServe reduces time our customer needs to focus in areas outside their core competencies.

Are the services easy to use?
Yes! The AccuServe Experience begins with a launch meeting designed to isolate issues rapidly with an eye toward AccuServe taking over project management. Because we use only dedicated AccuServe associates, trained in process, quality, and ISO procedures and controls, project learning curves focus solely on the most important issues and ramp-up is shorter than doing it yourself or hiring temporary workers. Once launched, ongoing projects need only be monitored, not managed by our customer.

What are some typical results for my type of situation?
Historically, AccuServe has enjoyed highly successful vertical integration with customers. Once a customer brings AccuServe a project, more seem to materialize as they become more comfortable with our successful model. AccuServe’s Quality Policy Statement says it all! Quality is our business. Our goals are 100% Accuracy and On-Time Delivery.

How much does the service cost? How does this relate to other companies?

  • All that matters when outsourcing is piece price. Greater productivity will produce a lower piece price. AccuServe has documented case studies of actual projects that demonstrate this fact. Ask us about them.
  • Costs are based upon the circumstances of the work; work will be priced at favorable hourly rates or piece price depending on the project. Project costs are lowest when AccuServe has 100% control of the project processes.
  • Services of short duration provided in our customers’ plant are a maximum $26 per person hour.

If I or one of my employees has a problem with the service, how can I get help?

  • AccuServe has a 24 hour service line for customers.
  • Every manager’s business card includes personal cell phone number, including the Owners.
  • Every project includes a designated Team Leader that acts as point person.

Who are AccuServe’s current customers? Are they like me?

  • Confidentiality limits our inclination to publish customer names. References and testimonials are available on request after initial contact.
  • AccuServe serves automotive, furniture, motorcycle, gaming, and electronics manufacturers and distributors, as well as:
  • Light Manufacturing Companies
    • Plastics and injection molding
    • Metal manufacturers
    • Screw machine
    • Medical
  • Retail display and printing companies
    • Design studios
    • B2B Printing Companies
    • Screen printers
    • Direct Mail Fulfillment