Welcome to Superior Quality, Inc.

Projects outside your core competencies can only be managed in one of three ways:

  • Do it yourself: This option requires the most intense planning, staffing, supervision, and management while draining resources from primary objectives. This is usually the most costly option (ask us why and how we know).
  • Hire Temporary Workers: This common fix introduces issues beyond the elements of the project; arranging for temporary workers, greeting the team, training and supervising the team’s outputs, and monitoring the team’s performance. And when team members change, it’s your responsibility to retrain new temporary workers.
  • Choose Superior Quality, Inc.: We don’t employ temporary workers. Each Superior Quality, Inc. associate has conducted dozens, if not hundreds, of contract assembly, quality inspection, and fulfillment projects – all under our process, quality, and ISO procedures and controls.
    Every project team includes a team leader from launch to fulfillment with regularly scheduled associates whom you will come to recognize. These features result in lower cost fulfillment, less supervision on your part, and faster turn around on projects. We’re better, faster, and cheaper.